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    This lesson shows how to make the beaded bead and would be suitable to a Beginner with some beading knowledge. This project is made with a one-needle Read More
    Price: $5.50
    AlbinaAlbina picture
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    This tutorial explain you step by step how to make this jewel. The earloop is a magnificent jewel inspired by the Elven world. It is very easy to Read More
    Price: $7.00
    caroneacaronea picture
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    Very Advanced
    This tutorial will detail how to construct a lovely Elven-inspired piece, to use as a necklace focal. Each step is fully photographed, with Read More
    Price: $8.00
    Nicole HannaNicole Hanna picture
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    edited 11/15/2013 price adjustment Read More
    Price: $2.00
    JewlbabeJewlbabe picture
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    This lesson shows how to create a magnificent spiral-shaped pendant, glittering with precious stones. Notice how the back shows clearly a spiral Read More
    Price: $6.00
    Eni OkenEni Oken picture
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  • Tutorial Slideshow
    This tutorial does a review on the traditional wrapped bead and shows you how to create a much nicely designed alternative: the "fat-wrap". Start by Read More
    Price: Free
    Eni OkenEni Oken picture
    Other tutorials:
    More Weaves8 Classic Wire Weaves3 BraceletsSwirly Base Ring

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  • Cupcake Earrings

    By Nicole Hanna
    USD 6.00

    Erinpete said:

    I have one complaint about this tutorial. A VERY small one, and it is probably just me!Read More »
  • Upcycle Your Scrap

    By fidana
    USD 0.00

    Diana4776 said:

    Thank you thank you. When I saw this tutorial I had to laugh to myself only because if anyone needed help with scraps is me. I have always had lots of scrap wire.Read More »
  • Sunburst Pendant 1

    By Pam Preslar
    USD 3.95

    AussenWolf said:

    This is a great design and tutorial for anyone--but especially for anyone looking for something to show off their wire skills without taking hours to complete. Read More »

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Fabulous Artist of the Month:

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I come from New Caledonia. Five years ago I went to settle in Québec to study marine biology. This is where I met my husband and I had my daughter. It was at his birth that I began to create jewelry. My first... Read More

  • Fern earrings
  • Buds earrings
  • Nîn earrings
  • Hoops earrings

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