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March 20, 2014: Premium Membership changes

We ran a survey at the beginning of the year and members said they wanted more tutorials. So we are changing the format of the Premium Membership: you now get all content at once. Visit the Premium Membership page for more details.

Feb 10, 2014: New newsletter system

We're upgrading to a new newsletter system again through infusionsoft. This one will help us to make sure you only get the type of information you really want. To subscribe to our new system visit Newsletter Subscribe and Preferences.

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Fabulous Artist of the Month:

Welcome in Extrano's world - world of beadwoven treasures that can be made by everyone! Tiny gemstones, sterling silver and thread are my favourites materials. My jewelry journey started not so long ago. Before I used to play with big numbers... Read More

  • Embellished Spikes Bracelet
  • Zig Zac SuperDuo Twin Bracelet
  • Bohemian Beauty - Earrings
  • Persian Fans Earrings

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