Description: is the brain child of artist and web developer
Eni Oken, the founder of Eazy Communities: a highly specialized online community which not only helps to share knowledge about jewelry making but also EMPOWERS users with REAL REWARDS.

Our site promotes four key concepts:

    Learn. Share. Teach. Earn.

The web is a wonderful place to find information. By creating a specialized community where users share a single objective, information is organized and easier to find.

However, designer and artisans don’t use the web just to find information. They also want to find other types of advantages – most importantly, artisans want to find ways to increase their income.

We created this site specifically so that jewelry makers and artists can find INFORMATION, SHARE KNOWLEDGE AND EARN MONEY by doing so.


Our site provides a venue, a platform to help people interact and exchange information through a variety of different formats: tutorials, articles, tips, questions & answers, photo galleries, profiles, rates and comments.

Digital Marketplace

Our site acts as a digital marketplace where vendors (typically more advanced experienced users called "Teachers") can post their own tutorials for sale, generating PASSIVE monthly income.

We take care of all distribution, ecommerce, dealing with students and customers, allowing Teachers to pursue their creative work more freely.

In exchange for this service, we collect a service fee as a percentage of sales ONLY AFTER sales are completed, with NO UPFRONT SETUP FEES or commitment from Teachers.

This makes it virtually risk free for Teachers to post lessons: no upfront fees, no dealing with customers, no setup fee, no e-commerce fees, no hosting fees!


When users of our site answer questions, write tips or articles and post tutorials, they are not only helping and sharing knowledge with others, they also earn userpoints, which can be redeemed by a number of benefits and also be used as currency to buy more lessons.

The objective of the site is to EMPOWER users: Teachers are encouraged to share their knowledge by being rewarded with points and income from their tutorial sales; while beginners are empowered by being able to acquire the knowledge they so eagerly need and with userpoints which can be used to buy more lessons.

Freeing Artists to pursue their passion

The beauty of PASSIVE INCOME REVENUES through tutorial sales is that it requires no maintenance after the initial effort: once a lesson or tutorial is up for sale, it will keep generating income for the artist for years to come!

This is particularly beneficial for artisans or small craft businesses by providing an extra source of income. Passive income generated from the site HELPS ARTIST TO PURSUE THEIR CREATIVE WORK, instead of constantly trying to find new sources of income to maintain business afloat.

Some of the benefits offered by this Site

    1) No subscription fees for general users: it's a FREE service;
    2) Free exchange of information about how to design and make jewelry, posted by real users;
    3) Interactive community of ideas in a specialized field;
    4) Beginners learn from real masters;
    5) Users are rewarded for participation with real benefits and advantages


The site takes care of every aspect to sell tutorials and patterns, including:

    1) Posting and formatting your product in an attractive way;
    2) Attracting customers through knowledge-base community efforts;
    3) Selling and collecting money from customers;
    4) Delivering your product online to customers;
    5) Paying all sale-related fees such as Paypal, affiliate commissions and web hosting;
    6) Supporting and paying moderators to help and guide you;
    7) Sending you timely payments of your revenues;
    8) Development of the site, customer technical support and site maintenance;
    9) Developing new features and new benefits, etc.