First of all, some facts:
Full title: "Wirework - An Illustrated Guide To The Art Of Wire Wrapping"
Author: Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
Publisher: Interweave
Pages: 128
current price: $22,95 (around 18 EUR)

I never thought I would ever buy a book on jewelry making. All things before, I have learned online searching free information and buying a few tutorials. But the preview I saw just convinced me. You can take a look at this preview here

So now let's get back to topic. This book is not for beginners. It does not teach basic techniques, i.e. Dale Armstrong assumes you know how to bind square wire or how to use a pin vise, etc.
But I guess a beginner wouldn't buy this book anyway, so this is just OK.

"Wirework" gives the reader a nice choice of projects: pendants, earrings, rings and bangles.
The instructions are clear, the pictures are good and very often (but not always) self-explanatory. In some cases an additional step between two shown ones would have been nice (I can't give an example this is just some strange feeling I have).

The tools that are used are quite common, so no buying of special tools needed, even though Dale Armstrong shows some special tools in the first chapter. (3-step pliers or bail-making pliers...)

Besides the projects, there are also nice introductions to wire gauges and tempers and some tools (basic + special).

The chapters start with some general words on the chapter's topic. General ring sizing tips, bracelet clasps, etc.

Dale Armstrong uses square and half-round wire in different tempers. All projects recommend square wire, and almost all of them also need half-round. There are very few projects that might also work in round wire (although I know that there are wireworkers who can set cabochons in round wire - it is usually done with square wire).
The "Sparkle Earrings" might work with round wire, but you have to omit the twisting.

This book does not stick to beads only, or cabochons only, it shows projects for all kinds of stones.Even snapsets with faceted stones are used, which I had not seen often before. Snapsets are a fun and easy way to get a professional look, although it's sometimes considered cheating ;-)

What I really like about this book are those projects that can be combined to finished designs, The "Chevron Base Bracelet" is only a basic bracelet that can be embellished just like the wireworker wants - or with the "Ornate Cabochon Bracelet Topping". To the "Drop Necklace Base" only some simple beads can be added - or the "Gemstone Drops for Attachment"...

Another thing I like: when it comes to mentioning measurements, they are not only shown in inch but also in the metric system.

The project names:
Free-form Orbit Ring
Crystal Wave Ring (a variation of the commonly known wave or weave ring)
Filigree Pearl Ring (this is project that made me buy this book. I saw two pictures of these rings and I fell in love)

Chevron Base Bracelet
Ornate Cabochon Bracelet Topping (part of the cover project, stunning piece)
Beads All Around Clasp Bangle

Angel Chandeliers (cute chandeliers with beads)
Gem Drops (made with faceted gemstones)
Sparkle Earrings (a big part of this project can be found in the preview. This project also shows the use of snapsets)

Mixed Wire Cabochon Fish
Orbit Prong Gemstone Pendant
Drop Necklace Base
Gemstone/Cabachon Drop for Attachment
Neck Collar

Bonus Project: Filigree Flower

Besides the tutorials, there are always pictures of variations and some design ideas.

Recommendation? Yes, if you are intermediate or better.