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Coming up with unique and original jewelry designs is one of the holy grails of jewelry making. There is a fine balance between keeping with the dictates of fashion and finding your own voice as an artist, your own style. How is this achieved?

Created exclusively for and available monthly for FREE TO JL PREMIUM MEMBERS, this series of tutorials focuses exclusively on designing great ideas for jewelry pieces. With this series:

  • * Learn how to come up with great jewelry design ideas
  • * Develop your own style through sketches and drawings
  • * Find inspiration in nature, history and virtually everywhere
  • * Never run out of ideas again

The majority of online tutorials focus on showing how to develop a technique. While this is a great achievement for any jewelry maker, a great piece of jewelry is not made of technique alone. This series is a serious attempt to help you, the serious jewelry maker who has already explored a variety of techniques, to create your own designs, and to find inspiration everywhere.

You should collect this series if:

  • * You have mastered a few (or many!) jewelry making techniques
  • * You have grown tired of creating other people’s designs
  • * You want to develop your own unique style faster
  • * You don’t know how to start to create a style or you are suffering from artist’s block
  • * You need some handholding to learn how to design

>About the First Lesson: The Flower
(Exploring Radial Design Part 1)

The first lesson of this series uses the simple flower as source of inspiration to come up with new and interesting jewelry design alternatives. Learn how to use an elegantly simple method to create new designs even from the most overused source such as the flower. Through practical hands on drawing exercises, you will start to understand Radial Structure and how to adapt a design to jewelry making techniques.

See more Samples of the first lesson

1. The name of this series should have been “Think, Design and DRAW Jewelry”, but I thought it would be too long. :-) You will be THINKING, DESIGNING and DRAWING jewelry. Drawing ideas and designs before executing them is faster, cheaper and allows you to weed out a great deal of technical issues. To get the most out of this lesson, you have to be able to doodle, draw, sketch or create any semblance of a drawing on paper!

2.You will be thinking about how to adapt your drawings and designs to a known jewelry technique. To do this, you MUST be very comfortable with at least one intermediate or advanced technique which allows you to form shapes, other than just stringing. Examples of good shape forming techniques are: seedbeading, silversmithing, precious metal clay, wire wrapping, etc.

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--Hugs, Eni Oken