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05/21/2013 correction of grammatical mistakes
04/21/2013 Added two new designs and short instructions. Added additional images of making the eternal knot by using a coiled wire.  read more »

Price: $6.00
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Celtic Rose Knot

This tutorial has been improved a lot. Guna made a great job with the revision of her first version. There is still some room for improvement. However, the technique to knot coiled wire is an extreme challenge. I have been making button knots for quite a while now, you can see the development of my button knots in my gallery. It was a tough way to go and now I am very happy to master wire button knots and I really adore these tiny little friends.

However, if someone wants to learn making wired button knots from this tutorial, some disappointment might occur. These little knots are difficult to make and the more difficult it is to teach this technique.

The design is very good in my opinion. Guna's technique with these tiny pearls adds some sparkle to the design.

The price is ok.

The images are good, still there is some room for improvement here.

The teaching is good, you really notice that Guna wants to share her knowledge. It is very difficult to teach the technique. Therefore, you have to give many more details. For example I am missing the information how large the knot base has to be, a basic information! I am also missing some more steps about reaching the three-dimensional shape of the knot which is one of the most essential parts of reaching a satisfying result.

Overall the tutorial is ok. Try this tutorial if you want to make wired button knots as it will give you a very good starting point but prepare for several to many, many attempts until you are happy with the result. Making Chinese knots with coiled wire is a challenge, it needs a lot of practice and can hardly be taught "in some minutes" by a single tutorial.