by Laura DBL

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This lesson shows how to make a Chain Maille bracelet out of the weave known as Round Maille, with the added beauty of capturing Swarovski crystal bicones inside the chain.

Price: $5.00
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Chainmaille + Stringing = easy fancy bracelet

This review is also a story about why you should buy tutorials even though you think you know how to make it.

I have done chainmaille and stringing before - but not in one project...
So when I first found this tutorial I thought I can do without it - I knew the "Inverted Round" chainmaille weave and I knew how to string and crimp.

I made a bracelet from copper and pearls. It worked but I had a hard time getting the pearls into the chainmaille tube...

If only I had bought the tut before... It was much easier than I thought.

The design is a wonderful combination of two totally different jewelry techniques: chainmaille and stringing. The combination results in a fantastic bracelet that can be "bling bling" (when using crystals) or less flashy using gemstones or pearls. It's a nice bracelet on it's own or with a focal toggle clasp. 5 stars for design

For technique, I give 4 stars. There is nothing wrong with it, I only wish Laura had shown how to hide the crimps and the beading wire. This is probably a matter of taste, but I usually try to hide them. (I know I'm not always successful)

The images are very good, most of them can still be viewed when zoomed to 200% in the PDF. But this is not neccessary, because they are quite big, too. I like the idea of using copper rings for the newly added ones. 5 stars for the images

I didn't find any real issues with the teaching - not for those who have already tried chainmaille and stringing. A newbie might eventually not know about crimping or how to open and close jumprings properly... But the tutorial is declared as "intermediate", so this is OK. Hard to decide about the stars here. 4.5 would be great, but that's not possible. So I gave 5.

As an overall rating this is
5 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 19

19/4 = 4.75 (~5)