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This lesson shows how to trouble shoot a few of the problems that may occur while making coils with the gizmo.  read more »

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Coiling Gizmo Tutorial

This is a very nicely put-together tutorial for those folks who are just beginning to use a Coiling Gizmo, or those who have used theirs only sporadically (like me). If you don’t have the patience to figure out how to use the Coiling Gizmo and get beautiful results every time, or if you have tried to make coils with this device once or twice and just cannot seem to get the hang of it, you should read through this tutorial before you decide to put your Coiling Gizmo in the back of the closet. You might even just try it for the free hoop earrings tutorial which follows the use and de-bugging instructions..
The instructions are clear, well-laid-out, and easy enough to understand. The pictures are helpful. In the tutorial, Linda Rosa addresses important issues which might seem, on the surface, to be easily resolvable, but which can be most worrisome to the uninitiated – anyway, why go to the trouble of trying to re-invent the wheel, and figure out all the tips and tricks for yourself,.when someone else has already been there, done it, and written a free tutorial on how to do it, to boot!