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Elongate Wrapped Ring

By Helene-Dinand

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This lesson shows steps with various different types of beads.
This technique is for long bead & extra large bead. It is a pretty simple technique but because of a step of bringing the wire under & 2 first wrapped/coils are demand the use of pliers that the wire need to be feed using pliers (not W/hands) and the coil to be tie-up with the pliers (not pulling W/hands like the basic wrapped ring)for best result only using pliers is more likely challenging for beginners...
* The technique is for X-Large ELONGATE bead also can be use for any bead; great for beads of a heart shape and drop shape to stand on the right way...
That technique will set the bead closer to the finger than "the" other "basic" ring wrapped for flatter beads. All along the steps smaller beads can be add too to embellish.

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