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Beaded Frame Pendant

By tela formosa

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I designed this pendant as a way to dress up plain oval cabs which is a bit different from the usual settings. However, it works for many shapes. As is my typical style, this is a minimalist setting which accents the stone.

This lesson is intended for and geared towards wire artists with some experience controlling wire. You should have some familiarity with border wrapping techniques. I do not teach binding, but I have tutorial available which does.

I describe how to make the basic oval pendant and bail. I used the brown Deschutes picture jasper piece in the tutorial. I do not describe how to make the woven bail, but you can find that tutorial here on JL.

This is a very versatile setting and one which I am sure you will enjoy as much as I do. You can use this design for flat backed, domed pendant beads and cabs. I have yet to explore all its possibilities.

This tute involves some forged work, however it is optional and minimal. You will not need fancy tools or finishing tools.

I recommend good eyewear for this because you will need to do some very close work. I also recommend a pair of micro flat nose (found on eBay) and the use of an agate or similarly hard stone to learn with.

There are 66 very good pictures in this tute and troubleshooting tips.

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  1. Which bail is included in this tutorial?by cyntexasPosted on - Mon, 01/16/2012 - 15:06

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