Celtic Rose or Eternal Knot

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05/21/2013 correction of grammatical mistakes
04/21/2013 Added two new designs and short instructions. Added additional images of making the eternal knot by using a coiled wire.

The tutorial describes the basics of the Celtic Eternal knot and shows four different designs on the basis of this knot. It also includes instructions of making coiled wire. The tutorial consist of four main steps, but each main step is divided in the sub-steps referring to the design. There will be in total 8 steps for the Celtic Eternal Knot Earrings and 12 steps for the Rose pendant. The tutorial describes on detail how to make Celtic Eternal knot by using a rope, and it shows the main steps for making it from the coiled wire. Making the knot from wire demands more experience, because it is more difficult to make any corrections.

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