How To Make Paper Beads

By SJacks33

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This tutorial will show you step by step how to make several types of paper beads, the supply list, and images of how you can use the paper beads.

My grand daughters and I ave made these beads, for arts and craft projects, made jewelry with them to give out as Christmas gifts, they make great conversation pieces at craft sales, you can wire around them, add glue and glitter mixture to make them sparkle, you can even add seed beads, crystals and more to dress them up.

I have a wonderful lady at Lowe's Home Improvement who saves the books of wall paper samples, she will call me with a book page marked I will make her a necklace and earring set for her. The books have all kinds of wall paper, I us this same technique on all the pages including the leathers.

I make these sitting in front of my TV watching my favorite shows and the next thing I know I've made over one hundred beads, they help me to release stress, plus they are a great way to up-cycle.

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