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Cuffs and Vines

By BobbiWired

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This fun tutorial shows, step by step, how to create BOTH the Ear Vines and Ear Cuffs earrings – 2 FULL projects.

There is 33 pages and 121 full color, clear, crisp detailed photographs. Almost as good as having me sitting right there with you. There is also 9 pages outlining essential techniques that every beginning and intermediate wire worker needs to include in their library.

Ear vines are for pierced ears and are a clever way to make it look like you are wearing more earrings than you really are. Ear cuffs are a great way to add to your earring collection, whether you have pierced ears or not. Both can be created plain (all metal), or dressed up as far as you want to take them. Suggestions are also included for combining the 2 styles.

This tutorial was written with very new beginners in mind. There are 9 pages at the end of the tutorial dedicated to detailed instructions on basic techniques, such as cleaning and straightening wire, forming loops and spirals, and creating beaded headpins. That being said, this tutorial is also suitable for more advanced wire workers who want to add to their skills and designs.

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