Flat Kumihimo with Cord or Wire

By Vanilla Bead

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This group of three tutorials teaches a flat Kumihimo braid using cord on a round loom, flat Kumihimo with cord on a square loom and flat WIRE Kumihimo techniques on a square loom. You do not need prior Kumihimo experience to learn flat Kumihimo, but it does help. This is a quick, fun way to create colorful bracelets and belts using any type of cord, string or yarn. Creating Kumihimo with wire adds another dimension to traditional Kumihimo.

The Kumihimo with cord is actually a Beginner technique, but the wire technique is more of an intermediate level lesson.

NOTE: The wire Kumihimo technique is taught only on the SQUARE loom.

NOTE: You will receive THREE files: One for Round Loom and Cord, One for Square Loom & Cord and One for Wire Techniques on the Square Loom.

Price: $10.00
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