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This lesson shows how to create the wire link popularly known as the “Love Knot.” This is not a jewelry project...it's a technique for creating the link to be used in a project. I first show how to create the knot itself, then I show how to turn it into link to be used in a bracelet, earrings or whatever.

The Love Knot, also known as the Danish Knot (or as many of my students fondly refer to it....the love-hate knot) looks best and is easiest to make in 18 gauge or heavier wire. This tutorial requires 14 gauge wire. Once you learn the basic concept, you can make them in different sizes using various wire gauges, mandrel sizes and numbers of loops.

This versatile link can make an interesting component in your jewelry piece or stand on its own as a unique focal. I've shown here a couple of projects using Love Knots.

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  2. Love Knot - What type wireby CroppyCatPosted on - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 08:44

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