Make Your Own Marudai - For Kumihimo

By SunCrow

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Tutorial: Make Your Own Marudai – for Kumihimo

Created by SunCrow


This is not really a tutorial in the strictest of senses, but a combining and expansion of ideas I found while surfing the Web. A traditional wooden marudai and bobbins (Tama) can cost as much as $200 plus shipping, generally from Japan. Since I already had my Kumihimo supplies and the plant stand, I spent less than $20 to complete the project. I needed only the wastebasket ($6.95) and the ceiling disc ($9.99) that I bought from a local hardware store.

It was so easy to put together and so much fun to use that I wanted to share it with my fellow Kumihimo Braiders here on JL.

If anyone plans to show at a craft or art fair, this makes a great demonstration tool. Show promoters love Artisans who can and will demonstrate their skills at the shows. And the public just eats it up. They all crowd around to watch and they also tend to buy more of your product.

The Advantages of a Marudai Over Hand-held Discs Are:

It’s fun because you can sit on a stool or in a chair and use both hands to braid.

· No more holding the disc in one hand and braiding with the other, turning the disc, switching hands again before you take the next step.

· It’s also easier to manage the tension on the cords, and thus, even a beginner can braid a smooth and even braid.

· Since you can allow the cords to lay across the slots (as in the use of a real marudai) and not tucking them in, there is less fraying of the cords (satin or otherwise) as you work. I sometimes use Metallic Embroidery Floss and it frays easily. Using my Marudai and not pulling the strands of floss into the slots eliminated that problem.

· When working with beads, the same principle applies.

· And oh, how much faster two hands can braid that one. And I found it more enjoyable, almost meditative.

This is what the finished “Marudai” looks like. It may not be the most beautiful tool in your toolbox, but it didn’t cost a fortune either. I love mine, I hope you like yours also.

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