Peruvian Thread Jewelry

By popnicute

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A very detailed tutorial of How to Make Peruvian Thread Jewelry by Popnicute.

This tutorial is based on the purple-green-red pendant in the picture. Two design alternatives are included in this tutorial.

What can you expect from this Peruvian Thread Jewelry tutorial?
- Learn how to make traditional Peruvian Thread Jewelry.
- Learn the perfected technique how to hide the end of the threads.
- Learn how to create a cute bail for it.
- There is no such thing as a shameful back part and/or sides after you learn from this new tutorial.
- Neat outcome is bound to happen.
- Learn how to keep the tension equal.
- Learn how to make your own coiling gizmo using cheap tools and materials.
- Easy scaling up and down your jewelry.
- Get everyone confounded and in awe with your newly obtained skill.
- Overall, this tutorial will be filled with great pictures and diagrams to make it easy to follow!

Use it as a pendant or make a pair for earrings. This kind of jewelry will certainly draw attention! Especially with the unlimited color combination you can choose from!! Make them bold, make them subtle, make them big, make them small, anything you want! Did I mention that this would be great [affordable] Christmas gifts for your friends and family? I know my friends loved them :D

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  1. Question about yarn usedby chadaePosted on - Sat, 10/10/2009 - 06:50
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