Peyote Stitch - Steampunk Cogs Beaded Bracelet

By GoodRiver

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Use delica seed beads to make your own version of this handbeaded bracelet.

Students SHOULD BE ALREADY FAMILAR WITH FLAT EVEN COUNT PEYOTE STITCH before they begin this project and know how to read either a word chart or a beading graph. If you don't know peyote stitch, there is an excellent tutorial available on jewelry Lessons. As a result, this project is a pattern rather than a lesson.

Please note that the ONLY reason I've made this an advanced instead of intermediate tutorial is that this piece is worked lengthwise and because the graph is a little more complex.

13 Pages of instruction, in color, discusses the pattern and possibilities for clasp techniques as well as embellishment techniques.

This bracelet is 1.2” wide by 6.53” long, plus the length of the clasp. Please note that this bracelet is worked LENGTHWISE, so in order to make it longer, you’ll need to decide right at the beginning. The instructions have a couple of different ways you can lengthen your bracelet.

Note by JL Admin: Students should be extremely familiar with Flat Even count Peyote stitch. The file offers a pattern, not step by step instruction.

Price: $10.00
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