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Christmas is just around the corner and snow will soon be coming - here is a beadweaved ring that is fit for the coming Holiday Season, the Snowflakes Beaded Ring.

Looking closely at the ring with little spikes at the edges weaved combining RAW and freestyle technique it resembles the shape of a snowflake. Made from bicone crystals and seed beads, you can wear this beaded ring at any occasion, parties and events or anytime you just want to be funky and stylish.

This is a tutorial using diagram to show you how to make beautiful ring. Using both ends of the nylon thread going crisscross, you’ll be able to finish the Snowflakes Beaded Ring in just minutes, fun and easy to make that’s fit even for beginners.

Update: The tutorial is on sale from 9 Jan 2012.

Price: $1.90
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