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The Soumak Weave

By JanRaven

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The weaving technique known as the “soumak weave” has been used for centuries to hand-weave Persian rugs. The basic idea is that wool yarn is wound around the warp lines in a regular pattern. This basic winding pattern and variations of it can be applied to wire as well.

This tutorial will teach you the basic weaving pattern, presented first with a pair of earrings (31 steps), and if you feel up to a more time-consuming project, a bracelet (29 steps). Finally, some abbreviated instructions are presented for a variation on the earrings (13 steps). If you have never worked with weaving wire, then I HIGHLY recommend that you study the excellent (and Free!) tutorial “Weaving in Closed Spaces” by Shaktipaj Designs. The tips and techniques for wire-handling presented there is a necessary prerequisite for this kind of wire work.

The tutorial is presented as three separate projects. The list of materials shown here is just for the first (basic) pair of earrings. Materials necessary for the bracelet and earring variation are listed within the body of the tutorial. Both the bracelet and second pair of earrings also require use of a torch to ball the ends of silver wire; that technique is not taught. Finally, all measurements in the tutorial are given in both English and Metric.

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