Sterling Silver Spin or Fidget Ring

By Marie Cristine

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In this tutorial I will give you step by step instructions how to make this spin ring. Spin rings are also known as worry rings, or fidget rings, they have two pieces to them, a wide band that fits on your finger and a smaller band that fits on the wide band but moves independently, it is kept on the wide band by flaring out the edges.
I will be using a torch from the hardware store and a few other tools.
I will talk to you about different materials you can use, options in finishing, texturing and polishing. I will also give you a chart that will show you how to determine the amount of material you will need to achieve a certain size ring. The chart shows North American, European and UK sizes with measurements in millimetres and inches.

This is an intermediate tutorial. You should know the proper use of your basic tools and have some experience with a larger torch. If you are a beginner you would benefit from my Soldered Silver Band tutorial. http://www.jewelrylessons.com/tutorial/basic-silver-soldered-band-ring

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